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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early to Rise

Some days start earlier than others...

I managed to crawl out of the sack at 4:15 this AM to provide chauffeur service to GTR Airport for two missionaries. Dear Wifey and #1 son Cam are headed to Quimistan, Honduras for ten days with a group primarily from FPC. In fact, they should be well into the first day's actvities as I write this. If they're reading my stuff - BIG SHOUT OUT FROM HOME!!

I'm not exactly sure how this ten day family mini-separation will work out. Wifey and I have not been apart this long ever since we married back in the days of Disco. Cam is the family world traveler, so him being gone is pretty much a regular occurence. Of course, DDM (Darling Daughter Meredith) stayed in country to take care of good ole Dad - although here on the first night she's at the movies w/ friends and I'm eating a Stromboli's sub and watching "Raymond" reruns on TBS. Party boy.

The sub was actually my second pick for dinner. I went first to Quizno's for the healthier option of a Black-n-Bleu salad - an amazing creation with steak bits and bleu cheese crumbles (plus salad, of course). They were out of steak. Also out of roast beef. The server chick offered to substitute ham, but Pork-n-Bleu didn't seem edible. So I passed and went across the street to Stromboli's instead. There I opted for my usual meatball sub - easily the best in StarkVegas. Haven't eaten one in quite a while and it seemed like a good pick for the evening, even if it was a second pick.

Predictably, I'll fill up and then pass out with the TV blaring - but as I mentioned earlier, it has been a long day, y'all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I've decided to go with a completely vagabond photo of a misshapen snowman taken in Glasgow, Scotland as the header pic for the blog. Works for me on several levels.

1) When it's July in Mississippi, it's time for the heat advisory blues. Reached 100 on Monday. A bit better today (maybe 97?). A snowman knocks a little of the edge off.

2) I can't live with any text color other than black. It needs a white background. Snowman. I could've opted for a pile of baking soda, an albino gorilla, or maybe a close up of my stomach.

3) The snowman is simultaneously smiling, winking and melting. Plus he's a little smudged. I see a lot of myself here.

Anyway, this will do for a while. As I've mentioned in previous posts - I am a serious creature of habit and will probably let this one slide for quite some time. At least until November gets here...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rising From the Ashes

Ta da...

After a very lengthy vacation from the ole' blog, I've decided to get back to it. Somehow, it came up in a few conversations. And believe it or not, I actually think I'm developing a tiny fan base...

Not tiny fans - just a very small # of readers. For them I'll forge on.

Time for dropping the standard lead pic of Scott A sleeping on a dirty couch in the warehouse. Most of you don't know Scott anyway, and my dear wifey thinks the reference is totally unclear. To tell the truth, I don't remember why that pic made the blog in the first place. But I do think photos of people sleeping inappropriately are always funny - even if it's sort of random. I'll get a new header pic later. Submissions are being accepted now.

Maybe my blogging renaissance will inspire the incomparable Rex L. Camino to get back to blogging as well. He's been on sabbatical for 9 months now. In fact, as I roamed around Blogland today, I noticed big gaps in most everyone's regular writings. Maybe me coming back will push their buttons too.

Writing a better blog entry than I can is easy. Just do it...