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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now that's progress (I guess)

Ogden Nash once said "progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long." I now think I know what he meant...

Since my days of baby accessories have long been past, I'm truly amazed at the "new" innovations for tots. Mary Cameron (aka "the unit") has been showered with lots of fine gifts since her arrival 5 weeks ago. And many of these things were not around when I was a new dad. Stuff like boppies (very practical), inexpensive video monitors (very cool), all-in-one carseat/carrier/stroller inserts (very adaptable), and Pac N' Plays (not sure what it is - but I hear everybody needs one or two).

Then there's the Pacimal. It's a combination of a tiny stuffed animal with a pacifier buit in. They come as bunnies, ducks, even rhinos. MC just got a the monkey version. It looks a bit like the old monkey made out of socks (see photo), but much smaller. Plus, it has a high-quality pacifier embedded in the back of its head.

I refered to it as a "suck monkey".

I've since been told not to use the word "suck monkey" in public. I'll try - really hard...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Please Mr. Postman

Well, it looks as if the mad times known as the Christmas Season have arrived. The social calendar is already booked out this week - commitments on Tuesday night, Thursday night (a two-fer), Friday night, Saturday night and next Monday night. Six parties in seven days. Don't know if we're in top condition for such, but here we go...

And to top it off, we started getting the cards over the last couple of days. Always nice to hear from some old friends that you don't keep up with very well - especially the ones who include a journal for the past year's family activities/accomplishments. Then again, some folks you run into practically everyday - and they send a card to boot. Wha?

Wifey and I tend to vary year to year on card sending. Some years we're really into it. You know - make the photo in the summer, buy just the right envelopes, etc. Other times we just don't quite get there. Christmas '08 looks like maybe one of those. Although it's only the 15th and some intensive effort could make the card thing happen, I just don't see it right now. Bottom line it shouldn't really matter, but I do feel a little guilty. Oh, well. Maybe my sentiments are best described in the lyrical notes of my pal the late, quasi-great Ricky Harper...

I'll send you a card 'cause you sent me one,

I'll get you a gift 'cause you got me one,

Let's kill a tree and string it with lights!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Smile For the Camera

I've noticed that most of the blogs I see are heavy on the personal photos. I guess it's especially apropos to feature children and surrogate children (dogs, whatever) to the reader.

Since I don't really take photos and have no desires to feature myself, I tend to cruise the web and "borrow" nifty little images from random sites. Most of the time, the idea is to tie in a picture with the theme of the post, or something like that. Or maybe not...
I did happen upon a cool blog by a gifted photographer named Mike Terry from Salt Lake City. His stuff is always good, often surprizing and sometimes breathtaking. Check out his pics from this link when you get a few spare moments.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back Again

I'm not sure how many times one can "fall out" of the blogosphere and then return, but here I am. After a brief surfacing last summer, I've decided to make a better effort at posting with some sort of regularity.

I begin with a little housecleaning on my blog roll. Mark Cuban has become a raving lunatic online (as opposed to real life where he's always been one) - so he's toast...

My friend George Light (aka Bulb) hasn't popped anything out since last February. I think 10 months is long enough to wait for anybody - so he's toast, too.

And sadly, the one and only Rex L. Camino hasn't posted since October 2007. He actually may be dead (hence, toast), so let's move on...

My one add (at least today) is darling daughter Meredith's new blog replete with many photos of precious granddaughter Mary Cameron. She's really a great little unit! Just the two of us had a serious afternoon nap in the recliner yesterday during some woeful college football game on ESPN. It sorta makes me think this "Pop" business will work out just fine...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reunions and Other Ramblings

So...part II

I made it to the HS reunion Saturday night after all. And mighty glad that I did. Saw some more old friends, had a few laughs and remembered some great times. Once again, I thought most everyone looked pretty darn good - not too much worse for the wear after quite a few summers had passed.

I guess the best part was knowing that we all had made it through a lifetime of different experiences up until now. We all started as the same place and had ended up here on this night. The sense of community (at least for me) was very evident and still very strong. Good stuff...

On another front, I went back to Quizno's for another try at the Black-N-Bleu salad. The place was locked up at noon on Saturday. Guess the beef truck never came. Oh well...

I know Jon & Liz Wagner are headed back to Vegas for the Stewart/Crosland wedding this weekend. It'll be good to see them and I hear Jon is preaching at FPC on Sunday. Let's see what a year of seminary does for your pulpit chops.

Finally, Wifey and #1 get home from Honduras on Friday night. It's been a long haul without 'em for the past week. In fact, I called Wifey's cell phone just to hear her voice mail message...

Whaddya think?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Hail the Adopted Alma Mater

As if going back to high school via the reunion circuit isn't hard enough for those of us in the MLC (mid-life crisis) stage, how 'bout for a school you never went to? Weird?

Three classes from S.D. Lee High in Columbus are having a joint reunion this weekend. I didn't go to S.D. Lee High, but a bunch of my closest friends did. There's a sad tale here about separation due to critical geography and school district lines, but that's for some other time. Nevertheless, I received a few emails inviting me to attend the festivities. Seemed like a good chance to catch up with some of my old chums.

The starter was an informal pre-party last night at Steve & Kay Ellis' home. How equally weird is it that neither Steve nor Kay graduated from Lee High, but like me hung out with all those Lee High folks? Better weekend parties with that gang as I recall...

Anyway, about 30 folks showed up. Saw a few that are still in the area like me. The exotically located returnees included my old friends Clint (now an attorney in Houston), Mark (an architect in Miami who does historical renovations) and Lamar (who holds the coolest job of all as Billy Joel's stage construction manager - no kiddin'). All in all, the group looked pretty good - everyone weighed in a little bigger than high school days and some sporting more than a few gray hairs, but no walking corpses or Macy's parade balloon-sized people. We should be proud, I guess.

The main deal is tonight at the Columbus Country Club. The head count is only projected at 60 or so according to the main organizers. A pitiful turnout for three years worth of classes (almost 600 altogether). At this point, I'm still a bit on the fence about attending. After all, I ain't my school. But I did fork over the $40 a few weeks ago.

Stay tuned for Part II...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early to Rise

Some days start earlier than others...

I managed to crawl out of the sack at 4:15 this AM to provide chauffeur service to GTR Airport for two missionaries. Dear Wifey and #1 son Cam are headed to Quimistan, Honduras for ten days with a group primarily from FPC. In fact, they should be well into the first day's actvities as I write this. If they're reading my stuff - BIG SHOUT OUT FROM HOME!!

I'm not exactly sure how this ten day family mini-separation will work out. Wifey and I have not been apart this long ever since we married back in the days of Disco. Cam is the family world traveler, so him being gone is pretty much a regular occurence. Of course, DDM (Darling Daughter Meredith) stayed in country to take care of good ole Dad - although here on the first night she's at the movies w/ friends and I'm eating a Stromboli's sub and watching "Raymond" reruns on TBS. Party boy.

The sub was actually my second pick for dinner. I went first to Quizno's for the healthier option of a Black-n-Bleu salad - an amazing creation with steak bits and bleu cheese crumbles (plus salad, of course). They were out of steak. Also out of roast beef. The server chick offered to substitute ham, but Pork-n-Bleu didn't seem edible. So I passed and went across the street to Stromboli's instead. There I opted for my usual meatball sub - easily the best in StarkVegas. Haven't eaten one in quite a while and it seemed like a good pick for the evening, even if it was a second pick.

Predictably, I'll fill up and then pass out with the TV blaring - but as I mentioned earlier, it has been a long day, y'all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I've decided to go with a completely vagabond photo of a misshapen snowman taken in Glasgow, Scotland as the header pic for the blog. Works for me on several levels.

1) When it's July in Mississippi, it's time for the heat advisory blues. Reached 100 on Monday. A bit better today (maybe 97?). A snowman knocks a little of the edge off.

2) I can't live with any text color other than black. It needs a white background. Snowman. I could've opted for a pile of baking soda, an albino gorilla, or maybe a close up of my stomach.

3) The snowman is simultaneously smiling, winking and melting. Plus he's a little smudged. I see a lot of myself here.

Anyway, this will do for a while. As I've mentioned in previous posts - I am a serious creature of habit and will probably let this one slide for quite some time. At least until November gets here...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rising From the Ashes

Ta da...

After a very lengthy vacation from the ole' blog, I've decided to get back to it. Somehow, it came up in a few conversations. And believe it or not, I actually think I'm developing a tiny fan base...

Not tiny fans - just a very small # of readers. For them I'll forge on.

Time for dropping the standard lead pic of Scott A sleeping on a dirty couch in the warehouse. Most of you don't know Scott anyway, and my dear wifey thinks the reference is totally unclear. To tell the truth, I don't remember why that pic made the blog in the first place. But I do think photos of people sleeping inappropriately are always funny - even if it's sort of random. I'll get a new header pic later. Submissions are being accepted now.

Maybe my blogging renaissance will inspire the incomparable Rex L. Camino to get back to blogging as well. He's been on sabbatical for 9 months now. In fact, as I roamed around Blogland today, I noticed big gaps in most everyone's regular writings. Maybe me coming back will push their buttons too.

Writing a better blog entry than I can is easy. Just do it...