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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now that's progress (I guess)

Ogden Nash once said "progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long." I now think I know what he meant...

Since my days of baby accessories have long been past, I'm truly amazed at the "new" innovations for tots. Mary Cameron (aka "the unit") has been showered with lots of fine gifts since her arrival 5 weeks ago. And many of these things were not around when I was a new dad. Stuff like boppies (very practical), inexpensive video monitors (very cool), all-in-one carseat/carrier/stroller inserts (very adaptable), and Pac N' Plays (not sure what it is - but I hear everybody needs one or two).

Then there's the Pacimal. It's a combination of a tiny stuffed animal with a pacifier buit in. They come as bunnies, ducks, even rhinos. MC just got a the monkey version. It looks a bit like the old monkey made out of socks (see photo), but much smaller. Plus, it has a high-quality pacifier embedded in the back of its head.

I refered to it as a "suck monkey".

I've since been told not to use the word "suck monkey" in public. I'll try - really hard...

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