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Monday, December 15, 2008

Please Mr. Postman

Well, it looks as if the mad times known as the Christmas Season have arrived. The social calendar is already booked out this week - commitments on Tuesday night, Thursday night (a two-fer), Friday night, Saturday night and next Monday night. Six parties in seven days. Don't know if we're in top condition for such, but here we go...

And to top it off, we started getting the cards over the last couple of days. Always nice to hear from some old friends that you don't keep up with very well - especially the ones who include a journal for the past year's family activities/accomplishments. Then again, some folks you run into practically everyday - and they send a card to boot. Wha?

Wifey and I tend to vary year to year on card sending. Some years we're really into it. You know - make the photo in the summer, buy just the right envelopes, etc. Other times we just don't quite get there. Christmas '08 looks like maybe one of those. Although it's only the 15th and some intensive effort could make the card thing happen, I just don't see it right now. Bottom line it shouldn't really matter, but I do feel a little guilty. Oh, well. Maybe my sentiments are best described in the lyrical notes of my pal the late, quasi-great Ricky Harper...

I'll send you a card 'cause you sent me one,

I'll get you a gift 'cause you got me one,

Let's kill a tree and string it with lights!

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