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Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I've decided to go with a completely vagabond photo of a misshapen snowman taken in Glasgow, Scotland as the header pic for the blog. Works for me on several levels.

1) When it's July in Mississippi, it's time for the heat advisory blues. Reached 100 on Monday. A bit better today (maybe 97?). A snowman knocks a little of the edge off.

2) I can't live with any text color other than black. It needs a white background. Snowman. I could've opted for a pile of baking soda, an albino gorilla, or maybe a close up of my stomach.

3) The snowman is simultaneously smiling, winking and melting. Plus he's a little smudged. I see a lot of myself here.

Anyway, this will do for a while. As I've mentioned in previous posts - I am a serious creature of habit and will probably let this one slide for quite some time. At least until November gets here...

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